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JC Gibbs Food Marketing Services

I do (English & Español):
Sponsored Posts on and
Guest Posting For Your Magazine/Website
Promote your Brand/Product on my SM Channels
Photography! (Nikon D800 & D7000)

I love food, marketing, photography, writing, and everything social media related, so if you’re looking for a blogger/wannabe-writer to create a recipe for your product, photograph your new menu, create written and visual content for your website/social media channels, reach out to bloggers to talk about your awesome brand, or/and any other delicious digital marketing strategy that you can think of, I’m your girl!

I’ve done it all, line cook, guerrilla marketing, digital, dishes, bookseller (of course cookbooks was my section), and recipe testing.  I can do it all from my small kitchen right in Panama City, Panama, or hello my passport is ready to travel anywhere for a food adventure.  Send me an email and let’s see how I can help your brand/product DREAM, become a reality!

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Video/Phone Call Consultations: New Bloggers, PR Agencies, Food Industry Entrepreneurs, I offer Skype consultations, email me at for more information.

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