10 Minutes Recipe: Corn Summer Slaw

corn summer slaw

This is one of my many go-to recipes when I’m in a rush to make lunch for work.  Ok, I lied, I don’t actually have a recipe for this, but mostly a throw-in-together-leftovers-kind of recipe.  I had some shredded cabbage leftover from a few days coleslaw, so I thought oh man I need to make a salad for both of us and I don’t have enough cabbage left, but I had corn, apples and other delicious things I could add to make the salad bigger and flavorful.

So this is how it went:

Serves 2 generous portions:

1/2 Cup of shredded Cabbage and Carrots (I buy it ready on Whole Foods, it’s like $4 but it’s enough for 6-8 servings)
1 Apple (I like crunchy Pink Lady or Gala)
1 whole boiled corn (sliced the kernels), or 1/2 cup of cooked corn kernels
2-3 tbs of sour cherries (I use sour if my apples are sweet) you can also try raisins, dried figs and/or dried cranberries
Chopped Cilantro (I used 3 tbs, I love cilantro)
1 tbs of chopped Scallions (I used 1 tbs because it was from the strong flavor side, the whitest.  When you use the top of the green onions they’re not as strong and I’d use 2 tbs)
1 tps Rice Vinegar (any other vinegar should work, but this is what I had in my pantry)
2 tbs of Veganaise (or whatever dressing you would like to try)
1/2 tbs of Dijon Mustard
Aminos to taste (or coconut aminos or soy sauce or plain salt, whichever you prefer)
Fresh Black Pepper
optional: Toasted nuts to add crunch, I love either pecans or walnuts for this recipe

Mix everything in a bowl and refrigerate 1-2 hours before eating

That’s it! That’s the beauty of these salads.  They are so quick and easy to make, plus it’s very easy to make variations with different veggies, nuts, fruits and spices.

I prepared the slaw, served in container, with 1/4 of an avocado and some cajun tempeh strips (this should take another 10-15 minutes, but this salad on its own is wonderful.

¡a comer!

work lunch box

I left this ready for dinner, it’s difficult to come back home and cook and I want to avoid eating out as much as possible, it’s so expensive!

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