Simple Things – Breakfast

Just when you find yourself thinking what to eat… For me it is difficult at this right moment, struggling to lose weight, be healthy and strong and also aiming to make everything delicious makes creativity hit you in the head few times and depending on your mood well it might work… and sometimes i might not.

Somedays I struggle so much with “what’s the right thing to eat?” that I find myself having an apple, half yogurt or just plain water, lunch arrives and I want to eat the whole world… fried…. with cheese… and juice. So yes imagine.

Anyways, this post is for those like me who want breakfast, who love breakfast, who can’t have pancakes and waffles everyday, or fried bread (hojaldras) neither corn empanadas.  This is still a tasty meal and depending on the season you can get creative with the options for vegetables.

Eggs –> you can go 2 ways, 1 tbs of butter or grapeseed oil or any other oil, fry them?  I have a great non stick pan so i didn’t have to add anything so no extra calories (I know boring). but proper farm eggs, cayenne, touch of salt & pepper voila!

Spinach–> you can cook a lot of it and the extra one use it for lunch, mix it in your stew or beans or rice or potatoes, spinach just go perfect with anything.  I saute it w/ touch grape seed oil on hot pan, touch of salt, once it is cooked and taste as you want (the whole debate of if cooked spinach is better than raw that’s not for me to explain I eat them both ways mostly weekly and so far so good).  Adding a bit of smashed garlic before sauteing the spinach does wonders to the flavor, as well twist of lemon juice and pepper!!

Vegetables–> depending on the season I go about the vegetables, you can always get onions, garlic and peppers, right now tomatoes are gorgeous so I add tomatoes and zucchini… the herbs change completely the dish.. I finished this one with chopped cilantro..some others prefer parsley, basil, chervil, you choose it and experiment!!

Overall I just love making a dish many times with few changes and trying them with different spices and herbs because it brings up different sparks on the vegetables.

This breakfast was made in about 15 minutes.  Yes I’m a Line Cook at the restaurant so I may be faster than a regular home cook for some prep and cooking, but I remember before working for the restaurant to save time I would prep vegetables the night before so for breakfast I could fix myself and the Boy’s meal pretty fast.. if you keep your kitchen always organized and clean, doing prep ahead you will notice how fast you can get around meals.

It’s midday and now I think of lunch.. that will be for another post.


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¡a comer!

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