The Tofurky Roast Disappointment

These are my first Vegan Holidays and though for me it isn’t a big deal to have traditional dishes for my husband it is.  I did some research and though I’m not a big fan of faux meats I have a found a few ones I like to indulge once in a while so I thought the *Tofurky Roast* seemed like a good dish to add to the menu. On Thanksgiving Day I thawed it, sauteed it, basted, etc.  I followed all of the instructions, added extra kick/spice touches and yet I didn’t enjoy it a bit.  It wasn’t horrible, it had a strange flavor even after I sliced it and sauteed with garlic and olive oil.  Since I didn’t like it much, I decided to do something else with it so it wouldn’t go to waste.  I chopped it into mini cubes to mix with a fried rice and with half of my stuffing.  The flavor was so strong I didn’t enjoy the fried rice or the stuffing at all. Some folks say may say I over cooked, etc.. but I followed the instructions verbatim, and heck I have given good flavor to very bland faux meats in the past, but this I didn’t manage to doctor and for $8.00 it’s not worth the hassle. I have to add though that I’ve tried 2 sliced faux cured meats from Tofurky and they made tasty sandwiches, so either I don’t know how to work with a Tokurfy Roast, or that’s just how it’s supposed to taste and it’s simply not my thing. If you are planning to give it a try, consider this recipe by Bedazzled Vegan, this blog really seems to enjoy it so there you go: Recipe for Roasted Tofurky with Caramelized Onions & Cherries. On my side I have to say sorry Tofurky Roast, I don’t see you in my future dinners but you were fun to play with in the kitchen!

basted w/ Rosemary, garlic, soy sauce, hoisin and fermented bean sauce.

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