Alchemy by Carla Hall

My dear friend Jason from DCFüd asked me if I wanted to join him in a tasting at Alchemy  by Carla Hall.  I thought to myself ok Carla Hall the sweet lady from Top Chef who lives close to DC area, that’s pretty much all I knew about her and it’s funny because though I’ve worked in this industry for a short time now, still I’ve met a lot of folks and have noticed how Cooks and Chefs in general are not “sweet” and pastry bakers even less, well except for maybe Rob Valencia ha!

Carla really breaks all those patterns and clichés, she is the kind of person you meet and after 3 minutes you want her to become your best friend, you feel you could just talk to her about anything I mean her PR folks have it easy on that side at least, what is there not to love about Carla!?  And then I was introduced to her cookies, these tiny little pieces, and oh man the Hawaiian Wedding was the loveliest I’ve had of that kind, some sort of alfajor texture that melts in your mouth and weird to say no I didn’t need the Dulce de Leche! or (manjar like we call it in Panama). This cookie was by far my favorite.

Cookies I fell in love with Black Forest Crinkle (chewy, cakey, pecan, shortbread w/ salt, just amazing!) And then the Mexican Chocolate!

Up to this day I can’t believe I forgot to try the savory cookies I was just going crazy over the sweet cookies! And then Moorenko’s Ice Cream, the velvety texture! I can’t get over that chocolate ice cream, lovely Susan gave me a Pumpkin Ice cream and I didn’t need anything else oh wow the texture, I’m still more of a chocolate girl but this ice cream was really tasty, she for sure knows what she is doing and you can get these ice creams at Whole Foods!

It was a lovely afternoon, I finally got to meet Carla, Monica Bhide, Susan from Moorenko’s Ice Cream,  Alia Khan and many other lovely foodies!

Here few other pics and the rest as usual on my Facebook Page!

¡a comer!

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