Food & Arts Magazine January/February Edition

Sometimes I really wonder who is the main target for this magazine.

I love to read the Deep Dish section and imagine I can travel to all these cities and visit new restaurants and the restaurants that have had Chef changes. Also visit a place right before it closes and assist to the unveiling of a new one, I guess I day dream a lot sometimes wishing my last name was “Reichl”.

The ads on this magazine also bother me a little, but if I compare the 6 dollars I paid for this magazine in comparison with “Gastronomica” that is almost $14 I shouldn’t complain.

One of my favorite segments is the “Whisk around the world”.  This time Julie Mautner takes me to cities and countries I really want to visit someday: Puerto Rico, St. Martin, Antigua, Sardinia, Barcelona and New Zealand.

Of course the events section is amazing, for example I wish I could go to the Boston Seafood Show, but maybe one day I will be able to pick just anything from this magazine, get a ticket and go.

The drink arts is my least favorite section I am a very simple person perhaps and when it comes to drinks vodka, lime and ice is fine, the rest is extra. However, Kara Newman presents a drink by “Merino” names “Rose Angel” that looks just like the perfect drink for this hot/humid Spring day, the drink has strawberries, cucumber, vodka, basil and then the fancy ones arrive, black Hawaiian lava salt, St. Germain Elderflower queen, yes sure of course I have some of that in my pantry.

Yes for the magazines options on January and February I would have bought it.

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