Bon App̩tit РOctober 2010

I have decided to pick one magazine per month and try as many recipes as possible.

This month I’ve picked Bon Appetit mostly because I was taking a look at Barbara Fairchild’s book on the Cookbook section of the Books-a-Million Bookstore and well that’s the magazine I bought and it was 4.99 plus whatever the tax is in Old Town Alexandria.

I think I’m one of the few people obsessed with Food Magazines, theyt have everything I think about most of the time, Food, Photograhy, Design & stories, there is usually people behind each project working their butts off to bring new things, ideas and concepts, reinventing oldies, cooking I hope.

This is going to be a naked truth because I will be very honest. I think not even once I have tried a recipe from a Food magazine, maybe once a sweet potato brownie because I was starting a diet, and it was good, but I ended up serving it with whipped cream and ice cream so I broke the whole recipe goal. Shame on me.

This time Bon Appetit is showing several interesting recipes, and I will refuse to try a recipe thats calling for fancy stuff, at this point of my life I have almost NO money so I will do as much as I can afford, I apologize for this, to whoever reads my humble and unknown Blog.

So this it how it starts.

Wild Mushroom Risotto
Chicken, Vegetable and Dumpling Soup
Maple-Apple Pie with Walnut Streusel or
Maple-GingerBread Layer Cake with Salted Maple-Caramel Sauce
Beet and Carrot Salad with Coriander and Sesame Salt
Quick Coq Au Vin (very worried about this one)

Once I am done with this magazine I will count the recipes and hopefully make these or more or less before the end of October.

If you want to propose which magazine I should test recipes and read completely for November shoot an email to and I will check it out.

I’ll say goodbye for now, gotta run to work, 3 days more of work and then 2 lovely days off, hopefully it will be me, the kitchen and some volleyball if possible, they boy is going to NYC, long story.

¡a comer!

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