Seville Orange Marmalade & Caseificio Maldera Burrata

Product Review

The Seville Orange Marmalade was inedible; the taste was as you were eating pure orange peel with the worst sourness you could imagine.  I checked the expiration date and it seemed fine, I must admit I bought it for half the original price at a Marshall’s, but in the past I have bought other marmalades that were just fine.  For now I will keep on my quest of the best orange Marmalade anyone can buy.

La Mermelada de Naranja de Sevilla fue casi imposible de comer; sabía a cáscara rancia con un amargor espantoso.  Revisé la fecha de expiración y estaba bien, debo admitir que compré esta mermelada por mitad del precio original en un Marshalls, pero en el pasado ya había comprado mermeladas en esta tienda que han salido bien.  Por ahora seguiré en mi búsqueda por la mejor Mermelada de Naranja que se pueda comprar.


OK, I am not a Burrata expert, I have just probably tasted 3 types in my life, and I really want to try the one Pizzeria Orso offers on their pizza but I will find out first which burrata they get before I add a $5 topping to my over $10 pizza.

I feel I’m entitled to judge a product if I pay for it and this was by far the worst of the 3 burratas I’ve tasted, remember industrial Belgioso (reference click), or the one the Italian Store have sold in the past.

I drove so excited to Screwtop Wine Bar to buy it and even saved a piece of this burrata (Caseificio Maldera) to share with Chef, he confirmed to me it was awful and that’s not how it’s supposed to taste so my guess is that it didn’t do well while route from Italy, I really hope that was the reason because after this experience I’m not sure if I would dare to take another $14 risk for a piece of cheese that would make the infamous Yellow American cheese tastier on your toast.

Lo acepto, no soy una experta en Burrata, y solo he probado tres clases de este queso, (además me muero por probar la que ofrecen en Pizzeria Orso, primero quiero saber quién hace esta burrata antes de pagar $5 extra por este ingrediente en mi pizza que desde ya tiene un precio de $10).

Siento que tengo todo el derecho de juzgar un producto si he pagado por el mismo, y esta es la peor burrata que he probado de las tres que he comprado anteriormente, recuerdan la industrial de Belgioso (enlace de referencia), o la de la Italian Store.

Yo conduje hasta el Screwtop Wine Bar para comprarla e incluso salvé un pedazo de esta burrata (Caseuficio Maldera) para compartir con el Chef, él me confirmó que sabía muy mal, y que así no se supone debe saber este queso.

Puede ser que este sabor tan malo fue resultado del viaje de importación desde Italia, y en verdad espero sea esa la explicación porque luego de esta experiencia no me veo gastando $14 por otro queso que te haría ver al inpopular Queso Amarillo (americano) como una mejor opción para tu tostada.


  1. It really is a challenge to get first class burrata over here. As you say, it simply doesn’t travel well. The Belgioso strikes me as a cunning attempt to cash-in on the scarcity of the authentic Puglian product on these shores, and like most food products calculated by men in suits, it sucks. The only time we’ve had a satisfying encounter with burrata outside of Italy was, just prior to our friend at the cheese market being fired (not sure if the two things are connected), he called us to let us know they had just accepted a batch of it that had been flown in that morning. It was $18 a crack, but we ran over there and bought one all the same and scoffed it down asap to prevent it going off. We barely tasted it, in truth, but it was still a world better than Belgioso!

  2. That’s the thing, this wine shop sent a message on Twitter announcing they got their burrata and I went the next day, the next time I will just drive right away or wait until I can do that, because honestly it was just a really bad burrata.

    Please if you ever have a decent one thats available in the US let me know, I’ll drive all the way there!


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