Saturday – Old Town Fredericksburg

I requested this weekend off to go to a friend’s Birthday Party, Chef said yes and I took Saturday to visit Fredericksburg and the party was on Sunday (I didn’t go, I’m just the worst friend you could ever have).

So this trip. I went with the boy.  As usual I have a thing for motorcycles and more if they are in big groups, I wonder what do they eat while they’re road tripping’

I did not know the Quantico exit takes you to FBI facilities, I also wonder what they eat while they are working in such a remote area.  But then again I would think they have a cafeteria, could I work there? By the time they finish with my background check there will be no FBI no more.

The plan was this, Chef Liam told me to visit the Farmers Market, and to do that without wasting time in traffic, I would have to be on 95 around 7am, and I did, I woke up around 6am, the night before I worked until midnight but still I woke up the boy and we got our things, some chocolate, some fruits on our way to Old Town Fredericksburg.

OK, so we arrived to this less than 12 vendors Farmers Market (few days after this trip Chef told me I went to the wrong Farmers Market, awesome!) so much for a weird Saturday off, and waking up so early, still had a great time and bought some things at this Market.

Farmers Market info–> 715 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 – (540) 372-1010

I tried this Pumpkin Cream Cheese Whoopie Pie, too sweet the filling to my taste, but good & huge!

I bought a Mint-Chocolate Plant, it didn’t survive more than 10 days, I surprised my starter is still alive, I pray to the God of the Bakers everytime I see it about to die. I can’t have a dog or a plant, if they don’t eat what I eat, I won’t feed them, shame on you JC!

This cute girl, sold us a Lemon-Blueberry Muffin at $1, it was nice, and she made it!

What am I doing in front of a Church you may ask yourself? Well it was very sunny, too sunny, the only big building giving a huge shadow so we took a break in front of it, no I did not go inside, it was closed.

Hyperion Espresso was our coffee break spot twice that day, it’s huge & comfty, it broke my heart to see they sell coffee from Costa Rica, why can’t I ever find a product from Panama overseas?

Their Menu, again I just had coffee, they boy had a cappuccino, we shared the muffin & the whoopie pie

So many antique shops, and weird shops, like this one, creepy & cute the perfect combination for a store!

Whenever I see a cemetery I look at the stones for the oldest person, 1815 was the year this time.

If you are visiting Old town with a bunch of girlfriends this is the place you want to hit for Tea, pastries & sandwiches, you guessed I was with the boy so no tea but pizza & cheese!

My favorite name for a Shop in this town!

Place I want to have dinner at the next time I visit!

Give me a break it was a Saturday off the first in a long time, we wanted fried pork skin & real Coke with real sugar, it almost killed us but it was fun!

This Pastry & Coffee place used to be a Church, it is gorgeous & have so many option for bread, pastries and it was so, but so comfortable & lovely.

Very nice Prive event, it was just starting and we were about to leave but everyone seemed so excited, I hope it was a total hit!

Loved the outfit! So much respect it was above 90F’s!

We asked many townees about where to eat, there was a French restaurant but we declined it looked too fancy for the kind of day we were having, so we decided pizza, and this is a place the boy wanted to try since he lived in Fredericksburg before and never actually tried it.

How was the Pizza and the cheese sticks? It wasn’t terrible, but if you are looking for an Italian Store version of pizza then this is OK, nothing for Neapolitan style pizza lovers.  I must add most of the college students who wait the tables are super duper friendly!

It was a great Saturday, we drove back and behaved really bad, we had a burger in a fast food place, try to guess where!  The lady at the Drive-Thru (hint) was adorable, so nice it made me forget I was committing a sin by eating such a burger & fried & coke.

I can’t wait to go back to Frefericksburg, every single person in this town was adorable, respectful, nice & attentive. Not that I am complaining about DC area folks, but trust me there is no hurry in a Saturday in Old Town Fredericksburg.  I like to think that everyone is in pause, waiting for me to go back and invite me over their stores, their tips of where to visit, to pet their dogs. I can’t wait to visit again.

This time visit also the right farmers market!

The boy is waiting for me at home, I have a long week coming seven days straight of work, plush the bread baking on the mornings, we also start brunch this week.  If I’m still alive after this week you will see me somewhere in Annandale, hopefully munching at A&J’s.

They’re kicking me out of the coffee shop so goodbye… for now…

¡a comer!

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  1. I loved living in Fredericksburg. People are super nice and friendly unlike DC folks, who just suck. Ugh, i hate DC.

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