Boozy Raspberry Milkshake (dairy-free)

Raspberry MilkShake1
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A few days ago I was working on a chocolate boozy milkshake recipe for Yoy Magazine, I couldn’t help myself and think about a fruity version.  I love chocolate, yes, but I’ll always choose a fruity/citrusy dessert, pastry, or like in this case, milkshake, over a chocolate one! Of course, you shouldn’t have to choose, you can have it all! As soon as the whiskey peanut butter, chocolate shake recipe is up on the Magazine I’ll post the link here!

Raspberries are not the most affordable fruit, so if you can’t afford fresh, go with frozen ones, or any other berry of your preference. You could even use pineapple chunks or peaches!

If you’re here for the recipe, skip this and go straight to the bottom of this post ;) (no judging). Now, if you’re curious about some of the nutritious aspect of this drinkable boozy dessert, here you go:

Raspberries: vitamin C, manganese, fiber, and copper. (These are great if you’re trying to lose weight)
Banana: vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, and potassium. (Same as above, but differently)
Pineapple Juice: bromelain (anti-inflammatory), vitamin C, and beta carotene. (Yup, more weight loss help!)
Unsweetened Almond Milk: calcium, vitamin D & E, and no sugar.
Cereal (depending on which one you choose) the one I used: dietary fiber, iron, and protein.
Grand Marnier: used in low quantities should be ok, don’t use too much of it, it is a sugary liquor after all.

Raspberry MilkShake Prep


3 oz of Raspberries
1 frozen Banana, in chunks
1/2 cup of Hearty Morning Cereal (any cereal of your preference should work, I’d use corn flakes next)
2 oz of Unsweetened Almond Milk, cold
1 oz of Pineapple Juice, cold
1 oz Grand Marnier
Optional: whipped cream / vodka and orange zest instead of the Grand Marnier / honey if you have a sweeter tooth.

Raspberry MilkShake ING


– Blend all the ingredients, if you’d like a crunchier texture in your shake, add the cereal after you’ve blended everything and just give it a few seconds more.
– I really don’t like my drinks or desserts too sweet so you might want to adjust the sugar level, for me the banana, the cereal, and the Grand Marnier, make this shake sweet enough for me.

¡a comer!

Raspberry MilkShak3

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