DC VegFest 2013, a Vegan Festival!

This was my second year attending the DC VegFest.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it mostly because of the gloomy weather and because I’m not very good with crowds.  I was lucky it never rained while I was there and because of avoiding crowds I missed every single talk and the insane long line outside the Vegan Treats Tent.

“The DC VegFest aims to highlight how easy and delicious it is to choose vegetarian foods in and around the nation’s capital. Founded by the Vegetarian Society of DC in 1997 as VegFest DC, Compassion Over Killing is proud to continue hosting this free festival celebrating the city’s diverse palate for animal-friendly cuisine and the many benefits of a plant-based diet. Featuring speakers, cooking demonstrations, free food samples, dozens of exhibitors, commercial vendors, and area food vendors, the DC VegFest has something for everyone to enjoy!”DCVegFest.com

I went with J, and we were very happy to support the event and to support our friends at the New Family Naturals stand: Engin and Toya (Engin on the right, Toya isn’t in the picture and I forgot the name of the lovely lady that was helping them that day).  New Family Naturals is one of the best examples of local businesses I like to support.  I love their quality products, vegetarian friendliness, their awesome juices and tasty Kale Chips (theirs were the first Kale Chips I ever tasted and it was a great experience!).

New Family Naturals DC VegFest

DC VegFest 2013 Tap Water

There were a lot of positive features throughout the festival.  Even if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, there was no reason not to enjoy yourself during this event.  I got to try the Amsterdam Falafel, a slice of the delicious chocolate cake that Sticky Fingers was giving away.  This dish you see on the picture below was one of the many options the food vendors were offering, food trucks, pastries, you mention it!  More on the things I loved about this happening were the access to restrooms, tap water and hand washing stations, since it makes it easier to hang out for longer hours.

vegan Caribbean food

Things that I hope to see in the 2014 festival:

1- Vegan Hispanic Food (Panamanian maybe? we!)
2- Hot Dog Carts
3- Deep Fryers or BBQ
4-  More fun/educational material for those who are not vegans/vegetarians but would like a way to reduce their amount of animal meats and animal products.
5-  Acoustic Live Music or at least hook up something with a nearby venue.

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