Food Arts Magazine March 2010

A picture of Shiners (small shining silvery fish), welcomes you on the cover of the magazine and I’m hooked.

I read parts of the index “Burning Issues” and I can see an article on fish and Peru getting my attention.

Then the specialties of the House is the second part of the index and as usual the “Whisk around the world”, events say Cheese and Recipes Technique articles I highlight in my mind.

Interesting topics on the Pilot Light by the editor in chief bringing up Ferran Adria’s announcement of closing “El Bulli”, just when I was about to make a reservation for the year 2020.  It’s also very interesting the take on food related careers.

The Front Burner starts with an interview of Dario Cecchini who loves poetry and has passion for it along with beef.  He has three restaurants and a butcher shop.  On this article they interview him in Los Angeles at a lunch of Dim Sum and I’ve fallen for this butcher after reading his comments.

Someone that says that the best way to show respect for an animal you intend to eat is to eat all of it, not just the “filet mignon” and that’s why I want to learn how to cook properly some parts, starting with the beef’s tongue, heart and pig’s feet, all those recipes will be coming soon.  Cooking animal parts is a very common argument I have with people but that’s topic for another day.  This is by far one of my favorite interviews, a butcher who recites Dante and would rather go to Hell than to Paradise just to avoid puritans, that’s how I pictured a butcher.  Great job Merrill Shindler.

A Cook’s Atelier is a website by Marjorie Taylor a chef/partner for “Ruby Beet Gourmet” who packed her knives and moved to Beaune, France. (I googled this place and I am not sure if it is still open).  She moved to Beaune with no idea what to do.  Renting an apartment in town, conducting market tours and cooking classes, boy what I would do to try something like that, maybe I will in Washington DC, why not.

On Birth Announcements Washington DC Juliet Glass mentions “Ris Lacoste” opened on last December and dishes that caught my eyes are “Pan-fried Sardines with pine nuts, sweet onions, vergis and golden raisins”, Cider-glazed pork chops, apple/cornbread pudding and the pear potpie with rum raisin cream.  I really want to try all of this!

Whisk around the work –> London is my main European target, it could be my platonic affair with Marco Pierre that makes me crave for English food and of course if you can add the thirst for discovering good Indian food on the streets of London.

April 12-14 is the 12th Annual Food Safety Summit  I’m planning to go next year.  I do hope Panama Gastronomica adds their event to this section, I can’t wait to visit Panama during this festival!

The Say Cheese segment takes me back to the question about who is the main target of this magazine.  It is a section covering many events, perhaps it\s just me and people actually really care for reading this type of articles.

Overall this March Food Art is much better than January/February’s, you should check out the Beer article on page 31, all in Washington DC!  If you jump to the page 35 the CIA immersing in Food sustainability and the Fish Four Ways on page 56 the photography is outstanding.

Yes buy it!

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