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Cornmeal Crusted Shrimp

I went along with other Food Blogger friends to try part of the Menu at Harry’s Smokehouse few weeks ago, at first I was a bit hesitant since the idea of a decent restaurant inside of a mall sounds like an oxymoron yet Harry’s made its point clear that it is indeed a place to go to eat whether it is located inside a mall or away from the city.  Harry’s Smokehouse is inside the Pentagon City Mall. right across the Johnny Rockets so please skip the Rocket and install yourself inside the Smokehouse!

I still beat myself for not trying the desserts! It made me really happy to find out their milk for their IceCreams come from Trickling Springs, I just really love their milk, I bought some of it and Eggnog from this creamery at Northside Social so yesahh I’ll get even fatter this weekend :/ happy at least ha!

This is my first taste of a menu where I become the *special guest* “does that have meat in it?, is it vegetarian? etc”  It is just not easy for me yet, though during that time I was still pescetarian so I had the pleasure to taste Shrimps & Grilled Smoked Salmon, and when I heard everyone raving over the collard greens i had to try it (no it wasn’t vegetarian and I’m sure that explains part of its exquisite flavor, same with the baked beans).

The fries were just properly cooked, i had the sweet potatoes my big favorite and their BBQ sauces the 3 of them were just tasty so use as you please, and of course cast iron cooked .

Rest assure you will find the proper beer, me I’m a spirits lady so I really loved the Pineapple Mojito but still I found 2 beers I could go back and order them again.

Folks around the table were pleased with the sliders, burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and Buttermilk fried Chicken, and I can say it did smelled delicious so it was difficult being and not even trying a piece.

When visiting Pentagon city mall or the area over there I usually find it difficult to eat anything delicious so would just buy some fruit or soup at Au Bo Pain, maybe some soup at one of those asian spots around the Food Court but after visiting Harry’s I can be confident enough to say I look forward having a bite there.

Here are the pics of that evening!



Easy task, trying these dishes, cornbread, butter, chili, cocktails

Da Kitchen

Harry’s Sous Chef, Thrifty DC Cook, French Twist DC, Johnna Knows Good Food & new friends

Once the food was over good company & drinks great way to end the evening

Pineapple Mojito

Side Dishes – Collard Greens, Mac’n Cheese & Steamed Broccoli

Jason fron DCFüd

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