Cooking w/ Spanish Feast!

If you haven’t read my Spanish Feast Part 1 please do so now! –>  Spanish Feast#1

Now you all know I received Extra Virgin Oil, Bonito Tuna in olive oil, Wine vinegar, Chorizo, Tetilla cheese and Chocolate Fig Bombons.

I had to share some of these goodies with someone so I decided to bring one of my bottles from Boxwood Winery and all these Spanish Feast deliciousness to my sister’s house.

I am going through a strange pescetarian phase and it might be temporary or permanent who knows, but at some point you should decide what you want to eat and just do it right?

This weekend I made an exception to give a try to this chorizo and I still don’t regret it, the food was there we had to eat it so voila I made Corn Empanadas stuff w/ chorizo and Tetilla cheese!

The Vinegar I used as well for seasoning my chorizo and veggies that would later fill the empanada.  I also served it on a side dropping a tablespoon on top of 5 tablespoons of the Olive Oil as you can see on this picture below.

I’m surprised more people don’t try their vinegars at home with this… in a night Extra virgin oil (good quality of course), a wine vinegar like the Crismona Pedro Ximenex, piece of baguette or sourdough any of your favorite breads!

I remember the first time I tried this was one day when my boy took me to Napoli back in Panama, and they just put in on the table, sometimes we had to ask for it, and also ordered an inflated Pita bread, so warm, it was phenomenal, or i would pour some of this on top of my Eggplant in Vinaigrette, another favorite I have from my memories eating at Napoli.

I wish I had a picture of the Chocolate Bombon, but while I was prepping the Corn empanadas I just opened these figs beauties and slice it to share with the family, some felt new to the flavor but me and one of the sisters thought it really grows on you fast you can get a hint of the liquor, the soft fig and the sweet chocolate, by the time is over you feel you were just starting! so the key is eat more!

The Bonito Tuna in olive oil didn’t taste like one of those you usually buy at the market, it was very moist and it had nice seasoning I took it with me to work so it could be my snack for dinner during service… toasted bread w/ butter veggies on a side and tuna just to give me energy enough to get through a Friday night crowd at work.


Overall my favorite was the cheese, we were all drinking wine and eating cheese that we also mixed with MarionBerry Marmalade I brought from Oregon, it was a lovely evening.

Here are the pictures of my Empanadas and this is what I recommend you do.. go ahead with your Cassava, corn, flour, or etc kind of empanada dough, have it ready.

Chorizo Cantmipalo by Revilla w/ Queso Tetilla D.O. from Galicia Filing recipe:

1.This chorizo is already cooked so I added at the last minute, before that I sauteed peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic and herbs with the Herdade do Esporao Extra Virgin Olive Oil, once they get a nice golden color you add the chorizo already chopped and taste to see if you want to add more herbs, salt or pepper.

2.  Let it cook off and once it is use as filling topping it off with extra chorizo if you prefer and pieces of the Tetilla cheese.

The empanadas if you decide to fry or bake is your decision… if you prefer to make this filling and serve on a side use some tomato paste and some vegetable (or chicken) stock, fresh herbs and fantastic results!

I had dough left over so I made thick Panamanian classic corn tortillas and served the Filling on a side, its a great breakfast!

With the holidays coming I would really say get out of the usual brands you try locally and go to Spanish Feast for something different, it’s very practical, they delivered my package safe and the quality is superb, please let me knows if you have tried any of their products, I would love to hear how it went!

Now the rest of my Empanadas pictures and feel free to visit and try yourself how it goes for you!

¡a comer!


  1. God! I am hungry!! want some ot that!! I feel like learning real cousin from different countries with your blog post! love it! Looks sooo yummy!

  2. OMG!!! I am supposed to be on a low carb diet. A Panamanian on a low carb diet? I was doing well until I saw your site. This is not good: Tortillas, carimanolas, yuca, patacones, and then I bumped into the Spanish feast. So much for my low carb diet. I love your recipes. They bring me back to my roots. TODAY, I’m in search of the corn. Thank you sooooooo much. My family is going to be so happy!

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