Fun Times at Northside Social *Photoshoot*

My dear friend Bridie who’s not just sweet, beautiful and funny happens to also be an amazing baker.. she asked me to help her with few photographs to create some postcards for Northside Social and I couldn’t refuse this since I love hanging out with her and also Chef Rob’s (Pastry Chef) creations!

Few things I learned on this Photoshoot… before going there I was planning bringing different kinds of plates, plus maybe few other things.. I totally forgot about them and just brought my camera, good thing the sun was amazing and we had a window upstairs that worked perfect when I placed a little table next to it.

When doing Photoshoot of Pastries:

1. Eat First

2. Use Raw ingredients the pastries use as background, I think I could have done a better job with the plates filling them with espresso beans at least for the espresso chocolate tart, but i liked the one with pecans and also blueberry muffins crumbs!

3. If you get a chance use a lamp.. if you notice some of my pics have too much shadow coming from the Sun position but if you use a lamp you can fix that easily.. sometimes it does work to leave the shadow.. like on the tarts I liked it.

4. Try to do the best shot you can and if you use digital don’t be afraid of doing extra pics, its not like when using film because roll is money $$ 

I took around 175 pictures, which of them less than 20 were ok and just maybe 3 or 4 were really good, I’m very critical of food photography, it has to look as if you wish you could eat the paper or screen where you are looking at.. i guess that would be my definition of Food Porn if i ever had to use it *shivers* (not so fan of the word ha!!)

I regret not having a capuccino but then I like sugar in my coffee and want to cut off on calories (which is a big joke considering that I had 2 tiny tarts after the session ha!).

We had lunch, shared a mushroom sandwich so warm, it had mayo I LOVE MAYO! and also veggies, salad, etc… tasty and discussed the details for the pics among other girly things (yes I can chit chat… sometimes…).

I’m posting my favorite pics here and the rest will be on my Facebook Page!

Please if you stop by Northside Social say hi to Bridie for me and never leave without one of her sweet pastries!

¡a comer!



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