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I’ve been listening to Podcasts for a few years now and will definitely write a list with my favourite ones. The majority are about food, but there are also a few I listen to that are about philosophy, economics, true crime, and business.

One of the main reasons I got into listening to podcasts was because of long commutes, or after starting to listen to audiobooks as well. It’s something I can do while I’m doing dishes as well or if I can’t sleep and don’t want to turn on the lights to read a book and wake up my partner. Technology is the best! s o m e t i m e s

On my intro Podcast which you can listen on this L I N K I explain why I started a podcast. I do a lot of content creation at my current job, mostly about Laotian food and a lot of photography and video so it gets a little bit more challenging to do the same for my Cocinerita/LittleLadyCook blogs and social media, yet on audio it feels like a different platform to share my thoughts about food which are in my head every single minute of the day. Except, perhaps when I’m watching a horror film or when I’m brushing my teeth LOL.

Oat Milk Juice Recipe

I have already published two other episodes: Episode 1: Food Trends 2019,

and Episode 2: (Spanish) Cuentos & Tips Para Cocinar Vegetales Pt.1

I’ll do a separate post to accompany the one in Spanish, but I’ll add a few thoughts on the Food Trends 2019 Podcast Episode:

1- I tried that Dessert Hummus, guess what happened. (yeah, listen to the Podcast =P, also I won’t complain if you give me some positive rating yay!)
2- I agree with that prediction on more people making bread at home. I recommend it to people who have a lot of flour sitting at home, do something with it! Or give it away, just don’t let it go to waste.
3- Oat Milk, seriously some brands are so expensive, make your own at home, it takes almost no work nor time (just leave in the fridge overnight, recipe here: OAT MILK (JUICE) RECIPE.
4. I mentioned a lot of predictions for 2019 that I found online, but here are a few links for those interested on reading more about the trends I talked about:



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