Pizza Tales {Tossing around The Liberty Tavern”}


Memories.. so many…

Panama, pizza memories, many places my favorite is a Greek one Athens (a chain, no shame I really enjoy eating there), because Im a sucker for dry oregano, feta and Tzatziki and of course I have great memories from Napoli, Pizzeria Italia, Tambal, Tamburelli, even Sorrento I could say, and many others I will mention in another post on Pizza in Panama!

Now my first pizza I have no idea, I can barely remember what I ate yesterday, yes my memory is that bad but I can be honest I did have Pizza Hut, Dominos and even Costco pizza a few times, and even craved for it, but here we are talking a girl who could easily have two whoppers after 3 hours of volleyball practice so don’t judge my high school food choices!

I asked Executive Chef Liam LaCivita from Liberty Tavern if I could come over shoot few pics and taste the pizzas and he said of course with his huge smile of his, Steelers fan ugh! (Go Seahawks, sorry Chef had to do it).

I went all over the restaurant getting in the middle of everyone’s daily tasks, cooks prepping for Lunch service, and etc, but everyone was kind and I did share pizza with them so we were all happy, around Pizza, because Pizza is great and I will stop saying the word Pizza at some point, just not now because Pizza is brilliant, and Pizza could save the world, well not really but if everyone (excluding Gluten-Free folks, unless it is Gluten-Free pizza), shall be happy with Pizza and Happy people don’t murder right? Summary Pizza could save the world I said it!

Ok I shut up here are the pics, I’m hungry… again!

NOTE: the rest of the pics on my Facebook Page –>


Vermont Cabot white cheddar, prosciutto, caramelized onions, Granny Smith apples, sage

Italian Fennel Sausage, Arugula, Fresh Mozzarella, Ricotta, Oregano, Burnt Onions

Ingredients for both previous Pizzas

Lovely Rising Dough

So patient David was while I asked “and what’s that? and why, and why not this…”

My favorite “Dessert Pizza”, I so miss Apple-Honey Pizza from the Greek Restaurant back home, so it was nice to be able make my own, simple, fruits, cheese & honey.

I shared it with Managers & David, I think they enjoyed it, or maybe were just polite enough to smile and had a slice ha!  

Green Apples, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Squash, Honey & Cinnamon

¡a comer!


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  1. Dios mio!! The pizzas look sooo amazing!! I remember how you love the Apple-Honey Pizza from Athen’s!! When I visit the place and see the menu, and read the pizza’s name I always think of you, and whenever someone wants something sweet for dessert i offer them to try them, and always refer to you, and how you like it! =D

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