Ukrainian Festival 2013

Ukrainian Food Sour Cream

My first Ukrainian Festival

I arrived to the Festival pretty early, vendors were still arranging their kiosks, the pastries were just being unwrapped, and the grill area was being set up. The location and weather were fantastic, between a sunny 70’s degrees, open kitchen, grill by the lake, pastries everywhere, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. (Thanks Natalya for inviting me!).

Ukrainian Pastries

Ukrainian gifts

I’m not very familiar with Ukrainian food, I’ve tried some napoleon desserts in the past and the classic Borscht, so it was great to see some other traditional dishes such as: kovbasa (sausages), cabbage rolls, perohy (dumplings) and many other dishes that I didn’t get to try. My favorite was the cabbage wrap. And yes, it’s true, Ukrainians put sour cream on everything, also, their bread is delicious!

Ukrainian seniors

The winner of the day for me were the pastries, trust the pictures, they were unbelievable, delicate, with flavor but never too sweet, and of course most of them had booze! The Rum and Vanilla Custard Cake with Chocolate Buttercream, and the Kiev Torte were among my favorites.  I asked the ladies at the kiosk if there is a place they would suggest to purchase these goodies in the future, and they said that I’ll have to wait until the next festival, boohoo!

Ukrainian Festival Dancers

Українське пиво

Ukrainian Festival Vendor

The dolls, gifts, goodies, vendors, beer garden, dancer and music, were all well orchestrated so I really got to enjoy myself during the time I was at the festival. The kids got their fun too as they had all sorts of fair machines such as popcorn, shaved ice and cotton candy! I can’t wait to attend another of their festivals soon!

If you want to read more details about this festival, please visit their Facebook Event Page (click here) – Located at the St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral.

(Click here to see more more Pictures on my FB Page)


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