Vegan Cuts Snack Box

I was curious to try this Snack Box option by Vegan Cuts so I subscribed for the October and November delivery.  It’s kind of nice to receive different samples of things one might want to try.  I wish I knew beforehand what’s coming in the box but at the same time I like the surprise of not knowing.

This is how the box arrives, everything is well packaged and protected so there aren’t any broken snacks!

These Surf Sweets were delicious, I wish they were a bit more sour and less sweet but that’s a personal preference, I was just happy to try candy like this one, it has been a long time since I had sweet & sour bites!

Delights Dark Chocolate Mints did not work for me, I sort of knew it might not be the right thing for me when I saw the first ingredient were dates, I do like dates it’s just that I could not taste the cashews or the cacao, all I tasted was some sort of mushy date with a minty flavor.  A bit dry as well, I’m disappointed this was in my sample box, but I’m grateful I tried it and found out this just isn’t for me so I won’t be ordering in the future.

I haven’t tried the Berry Plus laundry soap, I received the box the day after I did laundry so this week I’ll test it!

I’m a big Seaweed fan so when I saw this SeaSnax pack inside my snack box it made me really happy, it’s not too salty and I like the onion touch, it’s very mild I wish it was a bit stronger because you can barely pick on the onion, it still is delicious and crispy, I’ll see and compare the price w/ other brands to decide which I will order the next time.

I split this cinnamon Pecan Protein bar by The Simply Bar with a 5 year old girl, she liked it, I had a few bites and the cinnamon was too much for me, but maybe it’s because I’m tired of cinnamon after buying those cinnamon scented pine cones at Whole Foods, I swear I love cinnamon but after 3 straight days of trying to remove the cinnamon smell it certainly didn’t help when I went to try the bar..  I have to admit I’ve never been an energy/protein bar kind of person, I prefer cookies :P

I’ll be testing this Kelapo Virgin Coconut oil on tonight’s dinner, I’ll be making a fried rice with it, I love using Coconut Oil for fried rice and toast shredded coconut and add it in the end.  Definitively coconut has been present throughout my life and now that I work with a Laotian/Thai restaurant it’s like I’m falling in love with coconut again.  Can’t wait to try this oil!

I love using straws and as I’m trying to go as green as possible I try not to buy non-reusable straws.  I’ve seen these Simply Straws in the past but wasn’t sure if ordering would be a good idea so I’m very happy I got a sample of it and from now on I’ll be using it constantly, I need to order the cleaning brush, I have one at home I use for cleaning my smoothie straws but this brush is too big for this specific straw, I’ll have to find out if they sell thicker ones, I want to make boba tea at home! :)

In conclusion the snack box from Vegan Cuts is a nice small gift to give to yourself.  I gave myself the excuse to order it to write a review about it but I was already dying to order it, I’m subscribed for November and I cancelled my subscription for December 3.  Depending on the next box I’ll decide if I want to try this again in the future, for $19 a month it’s a nice treat to end the year, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to receive sweet and cute surprise mail?

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