I am back and also: Support Vegtoons!

I’ve haven’t blogged since I came back from Panama, I’ve taken dozens of pictures and written down so many vegan recipes that I’m proud of, from Raspadura-Cashews Caramel Pop Corn, to Miso Soup, Curried Fried Rice & Mushrooms with Green Plantains. All of that plus I went to my first vegan potluck ever, I picked up on tennis, and I’m still working with the Laotian restaurant, I just started their new blog, once it’s published I will be sharing here! Only the veggie friendly ones haha!

I honestly thought people wouldn’t care to read about my vegan adventures, recipes and experiences, since most of the folks in my circles are food enthusiasts, bacon lovers haha! In fact, I used to be one, and being honest I always preferred salami and prosciutto over bacon. Almost nine months since the last time I cooked any animal and going great so far!

There are so many things I want to share on my blog, hopefully I’ll pick up where I left, and I get to do more working and blogging and less working inside my head!

First thing I want to do is ask everyone who can to support Vegtoons animated series, “an entertaining, educational initiative designed specifically with omnivores in mind. In a light-hearted, sympathetic way, the show will help to raise awareness for living more compassionately and consciously.”

We have to start the conversation, I think in general even if you and/or your kids are not vegetarians/vegans this is a fantastic way to get them involved in the reality of our food.

Take a quick peak:

Now you can support Vegtoons on kickstarter – Please remember every little counts!



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