Beefless tips – Meat-Free Not for me.

This is my first post from my phone so its more of an experiment with the WordPress app so let’s see how it goes.

Just as my platform for posting today was an experiment (posting from mobile) so  was my cooking with this “vegetarian” product.  I bought this while shopping at Target, it got my attention and I thought to myself well I’m sure it won’t be the healthiest choice and I must admit I was more thinking of my beef stir fry and how much I miss it so I bought it.

The brand is Gardein and I’m not sure about the price now but I’m sure it costs less than $4


I’m posting this photo and I hope it looks good since the size and alignment options are a bit different from when I use WP on my laptop.

So you can see the Beefless tips look decent-yum and me and the Boy tasted them after cooking with the stir fry.  Well it wasn’t horrible, but it was just strange for me, I’ve tried seitan and its nothing like that, nor tofu, nor any other wheat protein meat-fake products I’ve tried (I’ve only tried around 3).

This product looks good, cooks well but it doesn’t taste delicious and if you read the nutrition facts you can see it isn’t the healthiest one either, so why do people still buy it?  Well I don’t know why they do, I did be because I was curious and missing beef.


I removed all the Beefless tips from my stir fry and placed it in the garbage, I don’t like wasting food but I won’t eat something that is not delicious or healthy, it has to be one of those.

After my experience with this fake-meat all I can say is this:

“Long live the Egg”


  1. You didn’t brown them enough on each side and I usually add a little sea salt and onion powder as I cook them. They good!

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