Panamanian Tortillas Sandwiches

6 Panamanian Tortilla Panamena

You’d think it being January, and after the holidays, that I’d start 2016 up with healthy recipes, but I’ll tell you this, I live on smoothies for lunch since last year to make sure I’m getting my veg of the day, so forgive me for not joining the ‘new year diet food wagon.’13 Emparedado Tortilla Panama

If you’re on a diet, go and have this tasty mango salad. For those who’re still here and want frituras (fried Panamanian Food):

Tortillas are delicious and are the greatest thing to make, on their own, with a pinch of salt, cheese of any kind, or with a guisado, they could be heavenly.

You can either make the tortillas from scratch, or buy a premade package from your favourite brand at any grocery store.  I haven’t tried making these emparedados (sandwiches) with sauteed tortillas, but I’d think it’s possible, but you won’t get the crispy outside as much.  Once they’re fried, inside should become softer and you’ll be able to open and use just as you would use a slice of bread!

These are the toppings I suggest for you to try with your cooked tortillas:

2 Panamanian Tortilla Topping Fried Egg Kale
Fried Eggs | Garlicky Kale | Salted Butter | Sriracha

3 Panamanian Tortilla Topping Apple Hoisin Peanut Butter

Apple | Peanut Butter | Hoisin

5 Panamanian Tortilla Topping Carne Spinach Cheddar

Carne Asada | Cheddar | Spinach | Veganaise

4 Panamanian Tortilla Topping Pork Rib Fried Queso

Pork Rib | Tomato | Fried Queso Fresco | Parsley


10 Panamanian Tortilla Tip7 Tortilla Panamena

Place your cooked tortilla on a chopping board and introduce a sharp knife through the middle around the edges, don’t go all the way through, just as close as the middle, and turn the tortilla around with your other hand.  This will help slice the tortilla evenly and give you two good slices.

The pictures below demonstrate how I went about with these toppings to make the sandwiches:

14 Desayuno Panama Tortilla

16 Desayuno Diferente Panama

11 Panamanian Tortilla Carne Spinach Veganaise

8 Tortilla Panama Sandwich

Tortilla Sandwiches

18 Sandwich Mantequilla Mani Panama Tortilla 17 Torta de Panama Maiz 12 Panama Tortilla Sandwich 9 Tortilla Panamanian Sandwich

My favourite is always with fried eggs or fried cheese, but when you add greens and other touches, it makes for a great sandwich.  Perhaps next time I’ll try a Cubano version!

If you try any other toppings that loved trying in your Tortilla Sandwiches, share in the comments!  :)

¡a comer!

Panamanian Tortillas Breakfast Sandwich


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